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ASPA Awards

The purpose of the Adventist Student Personnel Association (ASPA) is to:
1) Promote the principles of Christian education with a primary emphasis on student development.
2) Nurture Christian growth in all dimensions of student development. 
3) Strive toward ethical and professional excellence. 
4) Provide methods and materials for professional development to members.
5) Serve as the voice of the association in dealing with professional trends.

Six awards have been established to recognize outstanding contributions to the above goals of ASPA and to encourage excellence in the student services professions.  The criteria by which nominees will be evaluated are listed with the respective awards.


Persons nominated for this award must have completed a research project in one of the disciplines of student development.  The research paper or abstract must be submitted.


Persons nominated for this award will have implemented, within the last three years, a new program in one of the disciplines of student development.  A letter of recommendation should include a description of the program and its effectiveness in student life.  (ASPA recommends that the nominee publishes this program in the Window.)


These nominees will have demonstrated a high level of commitment and involvement to servant leadership in the student services.  One of the three recommendations for this award must be the nominees’ supervisor.  (The Excellence Awards Committee Chair will secure the recommendation from the supervisor, once a nomination has been made.)


These nominees will have demonstrated effective Christian leadership in the student services by:

  • Promoting personal and professional development of their staff members, supporting attendance at professional meetings, providing in-service activities, and performing staff evaluations.
  • Hiring staff that are appropriately trained and experienced for the assigned responsibilities.
  • Leading out in whole-person student development.

Submit three letters of recommendation that speak to the above criteria.  Two of these letters are to be written by current staff members of the nominee’s institution.


This award is given to current college student workers who are employed in the student services disciplines and have demonstrated outstanding performance in that position.  Nominees must have made a contribution through programming, research, or related activities in the student services.  Nominations must be accompanied by a brief vitae and three written recommendations, two of which are written by student services professionals from the student’s campus.


This award is reserved for individuals who have made significant contributions to student development and/or ASPA throughout a career in the student services.  Nominations should include a brief vitae and three recommendations, two of which must be written by ASPA members.  The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award becomes an ASPA member emeritus.

Click the button below to submit a nomination for an award. 
Deadline for submission is January 31, 2023.

ASPA Awards Nominations 2023

Direct all questions about Awards to:

Excellence Awards Committee Chair